"When command chain has to work, come hell or high water“.
Patented (US10904929B2)

  • Military grade security

    AES256 encryption with optional 1024 bits key.

  • High noise immunity

    Adaptive error correction tolerates high levels of noise and enemy disturbance in radio channel.

  • Advanced compression system

    Messages are zipped using proprietary algorithm having full region-based vocabulary. New languages can be added easily. Data is transmitted in small packets, requiring short bursts of radio channel. Harder to track by the enemy.

  • No infrastructure

    Automatic & adhoc network generation. No ‘routing tables’ or pre-configuration. Network and routing are created automatically. Maximum hop count between sender and receiver: 16. P2P (Peer-to-Peer), no fixed base stations/repeaters needed.

  • Self-healing network

    If radio stations are compromised, moved or destroyed, network routing automatically reconfigures itself. Seamless to the users.

  • Combat ready

    Users learn to use the technology in minutes, not hours. In combat or critical situations the large user interface and clearly visible elements minimise human errors that may cost lives.

  • NATO approved

    Time markers, dates and tickers available on customer request.

  • Plug&Play

    Connects to widely available cheap radios.

  • Patented

    Secure USP and competitive advantage to achieve largest market share. Over 5 years competitive advantage. High entry barriers to competitors.

System Kit Components


High Quality Radio set

Heavy duty construction

Battery enclosed

15-pin ACC connector for modem  Antenna connector

Operates using 2 different frequencies  simultaneously


SecureChat Modem 

Able to connect up to 2  radios to the smart device  Tablet/PC

Aluminium casing

2 No. 15-pin ACC cables for

radio connections

USB-C cable for connecting  the smart device

Smart device can be  charged through the modem


Phone/Tablet with SecureChat App  

SecureChat Software runs on:  

Android – pictured device is Nokia model  with a USB-C connector and supports NFC  protocol

Windows any Windows 7+ device can be  used which has a USB-C port or a  converter



3 types of monopole  antennas are provided  including a jungle  antenna that can be  hoisted on trees or  other high objects  JAWA4/142MHz  JAWA4/166MHz

Rod antenna 142MHz  Rod antenna 166MHz

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